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Job Offer GIS Engineer - Data Management

Current Project Phases

Basic & Feed design, Details design, Manufacturing / Fabrication & Test, Installation / Operation , Construction

Role Definition

Background information

As part of the development of the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) activity within the company, you will be attached to the GIS Manager within the Survey & Posit team of the Offshore B.U. 

You will manage the Data Management aspect of enterprise GIS on one or more Projects.

You have more than five years of experience in the world of GIS.

Managerial activities:

GIS project management, with a focus on customer deliverables, or internal deliverables.

Technical activities:

Technical activities are matrix-based, divided between the "call for tenders", "project" and "department" modes.

Write procedures for standardizing GIS databases.

Identify the GIS - DOC CONTROL - CAD interlocutors of the bid/project (at the customer's premises, internally, externally).

Ensure the receipt of contractual data from pre-engineering, previous studies.

Retrieve data from stakeholders (CAD, DOC Control, Planning, Lead Installation) to complete the geodatabases.

Complete internal/external geodatabases according to current standards.

Check the completion of attribute tables (tags, attributes, metadata, hyperlinks, time data).

Use of Tracking tools to track updates.

Ensure the status of deliverables and the status of data stored in geodatabases.

Demonstrate to users the capabilities of Data management.

Perform analyses on geographic data by producing cartographic documents or reports.

Cross and superimpose spatial, attribute and time data between them in order to make the data "speak" (big data).

Use ingenuity to recover data as automatically as possible.

Develop or use FME scripts.

To be able to model geographical databases.


Required management skills:

  • GIS project management.
  • Organize your time, your tasks.
  • Report back.

Technical skills required:

Mastery of ArcGIS for Desktop 10.5...1 software and extensions,

Mastery of Geographic Information Systems (Geo-referencing, database modeling, I/O..., geoprocessing, tracking...), 

Mastery of geodesy and coordinate systems.

Database control (Access (.mdb), Geodatabase ESRI (.gdb)...),

Mastery of Data Management issues (collection, I/O, QA/QC, access, big data, law...),

Experience in Electronic Document Management (EDM),

Knowledge of petroleum data providers: IHS, WoodMackenzie, IHS, GEBCO, NASA, UNESCO...

Knowledge of standards and norms for geographic data and metadata: OGC, OGP, ISO, INSPIRE, FGDC...

Programming: Python, SQL, VBA,...

Performing in Quality Asset / Quality Control (QA/QC),

Knowledge of other software (GIS or CAD):

  • Global Mapper,
  • FME,
  • MapInfo,
  • ArcGIS for AutoCAD,
  • AutoCAD 2016,

Functional Skills :

  • Data Management,
  • Analysis and rigour,
  • Writing, 
  • Spelling,
  • Respect for quality and deadlines,
  • Communication,
  • Synthesis,
  • Fluent in English,

Know how to be:

  • Good interpersonal skills,
  • Proactive,  
  • Organization,
  • Autonomy,
  • Teamwork skills, 
  • Ready to work in multicultural environments,


  • Engineer / Master Geosciences, GIS, EP Data Management, Geomatics...


  • 5 years minimum


Duration of the mission: 

Mission renewable for 6-month periods, over the duration of current projects (minimum 2 years).

Others informations

Start date : ASAP


Seniority level : Senior Engineer

Type of project : LNG Plant, DEEP WATER O&G Floating unit (FPSO, FLNG etc), SHALLOW WATER O&G platform, Onshore O&G plant

Countries : France

Location : Paris area