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Job Offer Proposal Installation Engineer

Project Details

Offshore deepwater project 

Current Project Phases

Installation / Operation

Role Definition

Responsibilities listed below may be limited to the scope of work / disciplines affected to the Engineer(according to Proposal split of responsibilities definedby the Lead).

      Patiicipate to:

-    Bids progress meeting,

-    Engineeringco-ordination meetings (when applicable)

-    Interface meetings with Sub-Contractors (when applicable)

-      Technical review meeting(concerning Procurement, Engineering, Fabrication, Operation, Interface)

      In charge of:

-    Review the ITT documentation suchas the TenderBulletins, SOW, Specifications..

-    Prepare the Installation SOW (list of all items to be transported and installed);

-    Perform feasibility studies (strncture lifting or pipe laying capacity, ... );

-    Involve STD group for ROV activities;

-     Interfaces with other disciplines for inputs(welding rates, field joint coating timingand processes,... ) or verifications (analysis, strncture, pre-commissioning,... );

-     Collect &compile within the INMETDepartment the method statements and drawingsto cover most of the installation scope;

-     Prepare new installation method statements and drawings (when necessary) with assistanceof the Method Draftsmen Office;

-    Estimate installation durations;

-     Prepare, issueand update the installationschedule (or provide inputs limited to the scope of work / disciplines affected);

-    Estimate Weather Stand-by;

-    Prepare Technicalclarifications & qualifications;

-    Prepareinstallation aids and rigging lists;

-     Define and set therequired assetequipmentto be discussed and confirmed by Operation Depaiiment;

-    Preparetransportation plan(or provide inputs limited to the scope of work / disciplines


-    Prepare sea-fastening lists;

-    Technical suppo11 for any presentation for the scope


- Msc Degree


Resident in Paris 

Others informations

Start date : ASAP

Duration : 6 months (extendable)

Seniority level : Senior Engineer

Type of project : DEEP WATER O&G Floating unit (FPSO, FLNG etc), SHALLOW WATER O&G platform

Countries : France

Location : Paris ( Saint Quentin en Yvelines)