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Job Offer Geotechnical Engineer - Floating offshore wind project

Project Details

Offshore floating wind farm in France

Current Project Phases

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Role Definition


After evaluation of soil conditions and other technical inputs of the project, the expert will perform the following tasks:


1. Evaluation of Drag Embedment Anchors suppliers feedback (and evaluation of the risks )

For this task the expert will perform (based on the documentation provided by DEA suppliers):

-      A general evaluation of the sensitivity of the soil conditions regards to the envisaged anchoring solution,

-      An evaluation of client action plan to mitigate drag anchor risk, with suggestion of other tasks if relevant

-      An argued and critical analysis of the detailed experience of the different DEA suppliers

-      An analysis of the risks and mitigation plan proposed by the different DEA suppliers

-      A precise characterization and quantification of the risk with respect to percentage of occurrence, consequences for the project in term of schedule and budget



2. Prescription of the trial tests

If conclusion of task 1 recommended to realize a trial test to reduce consistently the risk to fail drag anchor installation, this 2nd task will be notified.

The aim of this task is to:

-      Give his opinion/point of view on the relevance of a trial test vs the technical risks identified by NE, DNVGL and suppliers.

-      If trial test confirmed relevant, assist NE to define the general procedure (sizing of the tests) and the budget


3. Expertise / Support with DEA suppliers and certification body

it will spread over a few months. The objectives of this task are:

-      To assist NE during discussions with the different DEA suppliers,

-      To assist NE during discussions with DNVGL concerning the use and installation of DEA in sandy soils;



MSc In geotechnical engineering


Remote work in possible 

Others informations

Start date : ASAP

Duration : 4 to 6 months

Type of position: Contracted

Seniority level : Senior Engineer

Type of project : OffSHORE WIND Farm

Countries : France

Location : Remote work