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Job Offer QHSE Advisor

Project Details

Offshore Wind Farm

Current Project Phases


Role Definition

Reporting to:

1.    Lead Site QHSE Management



Shall monitor works at the assigned location with regards to QHSE providing advice and supporting the QHSE Site Management within the site boundaries during installation phase. During enabling phase attendance of meetings at several locations might be required. These responsibilities and authorities include:

1.           Permit to Work System (QHSE aspects)

  • Implementation of PTW process and document as well as visualizing and communication to all involved parties
  • Review of the PTW - System, if necessary
  • Responsible for the documentation/ administration
  • Adherence of contractor compliance with the system
  • Close Communication with the OIMs for daily planned works


2.           QHSE Document Management

  • Development of QHSE document checking process/ visualising and communication to all involved parties
  • Check, review, comment, communicate feedback to work package Managements and accept contractors QHSE-
  • Plans/ PPSPS /RAMS/ Rescue Concepts/ Emergency Response Plan
  • Administration of the QHSE documents for internal purpose


3.           Incident/ Accident analysis

  • Collect information of accident/ incident investigation reports
  • Check of contractors post-/preventive actions
  • Work close with the official / statutory QHSE plans.
  • Communication of such information to QHSE Site Management/ WPM
  • Collect contractor reports in regards of QHSE-figures (e.g. LTI)
  • Report near misses, incidents and accidents via Cintellate (AMS corporative app) if required


4.           Regular QHSE Routines

  • Weekly QHSE summary report to QHSE Site Management
  • Assistance/ preparation of internal QHSE Meetings
  • Assistance in necessary statutory literature
  • Check that required first aid and fire-fighting equipment has been provided in accordance with regulatory requirements and that first aid, fire-fighting and evacuation arrangements are in place, including the testing and inspection of equipment where applicable.


5.           Site induction.

  • Development and review
  • Site inductions and training for all personnel and visitors where applicable (i.e. offshore, vessel inductions will be performed by the vessel crew).
  • Check of training records (spot checks)
  • Hold all relevant QHSE records of own personnel
  • Collect information of client representative QHSE reports
  • Check client representative reports
  • Communication with the client representatives


6.           Personal Protective Equipment

  • Advice on PPE procurement


7.           QHSE plans / governing documentation

  • Review / adjustment after communication with QHSE Site Management
  • Communication to all involved parties



  • Assist QHSE Site Management
  • Consult, coordinate and communicate with contractors according to:
  • Activities
  • Risk assessments and method statements
  • Health, safety, security and environmental arrangements
  • Overall safety performance
  • Register and follow up on Near Misses and Safety Concerns
  • Implement Safety Awareness workshops
  • Ensure that contractor personnel are adequately trained
  • Carry out Competence Assessments
  • Participate in QHSE meetings (at Site QHSE Site Management’s discretion)
  • Conduct/Participate in weekly inspections in their areas of responsibility
  • Perform site walks
  • Enforce no-blame culture on site
  • Daily onshore office presence
  • Be familiar and up to date with the discipline Best Practice as applicable such as; design developments, statutory regulations, codes of practice for onshore and offshore industry standards


1.           Experience of QHSE – preferably within offshore wind farm construction

2.           Knowledgeable in QHSE French laws and regulations.

3.           French language skills preferable


1.           Estimated number of personnel under the service: 2-6

2.           Onshore shift pattern: 10 hours / 7 days per week. Rotation to be provided by tenderer

3.           Offshore shift pattern: 10 hours / 7 days per week. Rotation to be provided by tenderer (Offshore sub-station)

Others informations

Start date : 2020-09-01

Seniority level : Junior Engineer, Senior Engineer, Supervisor

Type of project : OffSHORE WIND Farm

Countries : France

Location : St Brieuc