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Job Offer Lead Offshore Installation Coordinator

Project Details

Offshore Wind Farm

Current Project Phases

Installation / Operation , Construction

Role Definition

Responsibilities :

1.           Processes, documents

o       Support with development of all installation related processes and documents for controlling and coordination of the offshore site


2.           Coordination of the Construction Site

o       Daily coordination of the works between the different contractors

o       Receiving and checking the information for the next day's planned works handed over by the contractors

o       Evaluation of interferences between contractors with the HSE Advisors

o       Clarification of the interferences with the involved contractors: prioritization of works if necessary; refusal of planned works if necessary

o       Preparation of the daily construction meeting

o       Leading the daily construction meeting with works packages and contractors OIM 's

o       Approval of the MoM 's prepared by the assistance

o       Close communication with the QHSE department of daily planned works

o       Signing the PTW's (approval and refusal)

3.           Progress scheduling

o       Daily tracking of the status of works and disrupted workflows in relation to the installation schedule

o       Evaluation of the run-up time monitoring/expectations and consequences to the installation

o       Schedule on a weekly basis

o       Communication to  Site Management if works are not in accordance with the installation schedule

o       Evaluation and communication of measures if necessary

o       Planning the works of the contractors for the upcoming days/weeks to avoid interferences between the contractors

o       Checking the daily progress reports

o       Preparation of a weekly forecast of works


4.           Avoidance of "Show Stoppers"

o       Coordination of sub-supplied components between working packages.

o       Permanent examination of the status of works and disrupted workflows.

o       Evaluation and communication of measures if necessary

5.           Handovers between contractors        

o      Supervision of the conducted hand overs

o       Leading the process to evaluate damages between different hand overs at one location

Coordination of sub-supplied components between working packages.


6.           Jacking positions and anchor patterns

o       Definitions of necessary rules, safety distances etc.

o       Supervision the checking of documents

o       Decision making if jacking positions/anchor patterns are not according to the given rules


7.           Tasks

o       Prepare Resource Allocation Plan in relation to offshore installation activities

o       Implement Offshore Site Management Manual, including organisation and responsibilities, meeting structure, plans and procedures

o       Require necessary equipment

o       Keep the Offshore Site Management Manual and offshore installation related plans updated

o       Manage and secure interfaces in regard to installation and commissioning

o       Manage and coordinate interfaces between Project Managements (Packages) and contractors (Contracts)

o       Manage and coordinate the offshore installation supervision activities

o       Handling the handover between project and follow-up contractors

o       Participating in the coordination meetings (internal and external)

o       Hosting internal interface and planning meetings

o       Day-to-day progress reporting to the  Site & commissioning project Management

o       Assist with budget updates and reviews

o       Contribution to efficient communication and high information level in relation to the offshore installation activities

o       Maintenance offshore installed assets prior to handover to O&M

o       Implement Lessons Learned and other relevant knowledge sharing processes to ensure implementation of good practice from other projects.


1.            Years of documented experience within construction management, mandatory large scale offshore wind farm projects

2.            Years of documented leadership experience

3.            Years of documented experience within QHSE Management

4.            French language skills preferable


o     Estimated Number of personnel under the service: 2

o     Expected shift pattern: 10 hours / 7 days per week. Work pattern to be defined by tenderer

Others informations

Start date : 2020-09-01

Duration : 2 years

Seniority level : Senior Engineer, Lead Engineer

Type of project : OffSHORE WIND Farm

Countries : France

Location : France